Tips For Exterminating Ticks

Ticks need to die.  I am sorry, but it is true.  These animals are nasty creatures that will attach to you, suck your blood, give you illnesses and just make your life miserable.  With this in mind, a tick exterminator castle rock is needed in order to get rid of these pests once and for all.

tick exterminator castle rock

Protect yourself

The first line of defense is protecting yourself.  You need to protect yourself by wearing long clothing such as pants and shirts.  You want to tick in your pants into your shoes and wear gloves if at all possible.  You will also want to watch where you walk.  Tall grass, areas with standing water and more are great breeding grounds for ticks.

Go when it is warmer

Ticks like cool weather.  It is true that some ticks will be out in the hot summer heat, but for the majority of them they want to be in the coon areas.  This is why they hid in the grass where there is shadow and water.

When we go out when it is warmer the odds of coming in contact with ticks is reduced.  Of course, there is no guarantee, but you are slightly safer.

Check yourself

If you are out, make sure to check yourself or have others check you.  Ticks will attach to you in the most inconvenient locations.  This is why you want to have someone close to you such as your spouse check you over from head to toe after being outside in these danger areas.

Cut your grass

You want to cut your grass and keep your yards clean.  When you do this, you are destroying their environment making them die off or forced to move.  You want to also make sure that there is no standing water or other conditions that would make them live, breed or otherwise stick around.