The Ethics Behind Paid Reviews

As a consumer it is very important that you have reliable information on the products and services that you use or are looking to purchase.  One of the benchmarks that we use to make our decisions are reviews.  With a review, we are taking the word of another person as to their personal experience.  Over the past several years, people have been giving reviews for compensation.  One thing is that people are doing paid test product buffalo grove il reviews for products and services.  With all of these floating around, how ethical is the practice of being compensated for your review?

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Honesty is key

Whether you are compensated or not, the key to a review is to be honest.  If you are not honest then your review is worthless.  In many situations people will not think about being honest since they feel that they are getting compensated for their review and that the one giving you the compensation will expect a positive review.  If this is the case, then you should not do a review.

 Never pay for a review

If someone says that they will pay you for a review and then asks you to pay for a product to be shipped to you, then you say no.  If they want, you to really review a product then they should send the product to you for free.  Many will say that they will compensate you once they receive the review.  This can be a very sketchy situation. 

At the end of the day you want to honor the integrity of a review.  If you give fake reviews for one product how can you believe what others are saying on products you are interested in.  When doing a review, conduct yourself just like you would want others to conduct themselves.  It is only fair.