Clothes For Riding Needs To Have Safety Emphasized

Horse riding clothes, motor bike riding clothes, certainly cycling clothes, and even clothes you would wear traveling by car every day, believe it or not, it should make no difference. Whether it is to be your horse riding clothes, your motor bike riding clothes, clothes you’d like to wear when you go cycling, and even clothes that may originally be planned for the day ahead at work or just at the mall, because you are riding, the emphasis has got to be on safety.

Wouldn’t you know this by now? Surely. Anyhow, shopping for horse riding clothes down at a specialist horse tack or gear supplier’s warehouse, even online, the horse riding helmet should be one of the first items on your shopping list should you be a first-time rider. The same goes for riding a bicycle. Goes the same for the motorbike, especially this bike, given the speed you would normally be traveling at.

Two young guys recently overheard at a poolside barbecue. The conversation went along the following lines. Had a few accidents, nothing but a few scrapes here and there. One guy, a first time rider, only went around the corner and never made it back. Ever again. One old guy, riding all his life, well, he never had a single major accident. Ever in his life. And you should see the way he kitted himself out!

riding clothes

From top to toe. Not just wearing the helmet, but the clothing he wore was a solid reflection of how well he protected himself from potential collisions and/or falls. It could happen at any time, especially when you least expect it, and no matter how experienced a rider you are. And just because you see cowboys in the movies riding otherwise, doesn’t mean you should too.