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Signs of a Bad Head Cylinder

Many signs indicate a problem with the gas cylinder in your vehicle. Do not ignore the signs. Doing so only causes more problems to occur with the vehicle that may leave you broken down on the side of the road. If you don’t know the signs of a bad head cylinder and the need for new head fixtures, take a look at the list below for the information.


One of the biggest signs that you have a cracked head is a vehicle that overheats. Overheating can blow the engine and cause a rash of other problems that substantially affect the vehicle. Don’t ignore a car that is overheating and get it into the repair center as quickly as possible.

Poor Fuel Economy

There are numerous reasons why your vehicle may experience poor fuel economy. When factored together with the other problems of a bad cylinder, however, this is the likely culprit of trouble.

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Excessive Oil Consumption

All vehicles burn oil as they operate over time. However, when the vehicle burns excessive amounts of oil, it is a problem with something under the hood. More often than not, excess oil burning is caused by issues with the cylinder heads.

White Smoke

White smoke is yet another sign that suggest a problem with your cylinder heads. If you start the car or take off down the road and notice white smoke blowing from the exhaust, it is a good idea to get the vehicle into a professional.

Notice the signs above? It’s time to get your car in for service. The cylinder head may need a repair or a replacement, but only with the expertise of a professional will you learn this information. Don’t blow up your car when help is available.