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Fun Facts About Fingerprints

Everyone is born with a unique set of fingerprints, yet most of us know very little about them. That’s all about to change now that you’re here. Read below to learn a few fun fingerprints facts that you’ll enjoy sharing with your friends.

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How Do Fingerprints Occur?

Our fingerprints are the result of the epidermis growing at a different rate than the rest of the skin. This results in ridges of the dermis. The fingerprints are made of several skin layers that have twisted together.

Bone Measurements Before Fingerprints

Before detectives, law enforcements and others began using fingerprints and fingerprint kits jamaica ny, bone measurements were the method of identification. It is still reflected in mugshots today.

No Fingerprints

While almost everyone has fingerprints, a select few people are born without them. Yes, a shocking fact but very much true! Naegeli-Franceschetti-Jadassohn Syndrome, Dermatopathia pigmentosa reticularis, and adermatoglyphia are the three genetic disorders that can prevent fingerprints from forming.

A Fingerprint Similar to Humans

Koalas have fingerprints, which is unique in itself since few animals have them. A koala’s fingerprints are so similar to that of a human that even scientists have difficulty discerning them apart.

Fingerprints Never Go Away

Even in death our fingerprints remain there, a permanent record of who we are. This is how bodies are identified. Even in water, the dermis pulls away from the body like a glove, thus keeping fingerprints fully intact.

Intentional Fingerprint Removal

Fingerprint analysis became standard practice used by U.S. law enforcement in the 1930s. Criminals, including John Dilinger, attempted to elude police by removing their fingerprints. While criminals attempted fingerprint removal in many ways, Dilinger attempted to burn off his fingerprints with acid. Although it didn’t work, it was an attempt that was made.